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To all Jewish singles, my message to you is this: You are strong, beautiful, kind, loyal, compassionate, loving, caring, talented and so much more. Instead of being supported and encouraged, so many Jewish singles are made to feel excluded and unworthy. Based on my own personal experiences and my interactions with others, being an 'older' Jewish single is somewhat of a challenge these days. With the large emphasis placed on family, naturally that focus shifts to marriage and building a home for all Jewish eligible singles out there. Rabbi Krohn has made it clear that everyone has a responsibility of looking out for those looking for their match and should write up key cards with all the names of singles one knows and see if one can match some of them up. One of our biggest strengths in the Jewish world is the importance that is placed on family. One of the saddest and probably most unnecessary realities faced today is that rather than being supported, uplifted and encouraged, so many Jewish singles are made to feel unworthy, excluded and at times, as much as it pains me to say it, frankly not good enough. This extends from the most religious to the more traditional Jewish families, Sephardim to Ashkenazim, Chasiddim to Litvaks alike and it has played a big part in keeping our people together. Why should Jewish singles be defined more by their success on the dating scene than on their inherent beauty and inner qualities? Black Singles. African Dating Site. Indian Singles. Japanese Singles. Korean Singles.

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just how much easier is it going to be for you coming to our singles site and knowing that almost every guy we have signed up with us has exactly the same tastes and fetishes that you do.

Leasburg Jewish Singles
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